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Lead generation – Made simple. We work exclusively with companies in the B2B space, looking to fill their inbound pipeline with warm, sales ready conversations. Our portfolio ranges from website designers, video production companies, corporate tour companies, product manufacturing companies, advertising agencies, business consultants and many more. 

A quick look at the numbers

It All Starts With Data.

Identifying your best customers

Together, we explore who your customers are, what makes them tick, and WHY they chose you. We discover what makes your customers tick - and how to identify them.

Curating the list

Our internal team of data experts and high end servers run data extraction and compilation efforts to get the most accurate email contacts for every one of our client's campaigns.

Verifying the list

Once we have a list - we need to run it through several email verification services. You deserve the best, and that is what we deliver. We use only 100% deliverable emails in our campaigns.

Entering our campaign

Since we use such a high level process to verify each contact, we have a good bit of information on each contact. We're able to create messages that appear ultra personalized with fields such as: First name, Company name, City, and a few more.

Domains & Email Addresses That Get Delivered.

Our unique (pseudo) domain warm up process ensures we have the ability to hit the right people at the right time with your campaign. We buy up to 10 domains per client - and then warm up the domains by sending to our internal email accounts.. creating a sense of trust and positive activity before we start sending to a cold audience for the outbound lead generation campaigns.

    • Better Delivery.  Using new domains ensures that we’re starting with a clean slate, and our emails will get delivered (assuming we take the right steps to warm the accounts up). 
    • Protecting Your Main Domain.  Using alternative (pseudo) domains ensures that we are at 0 risk of damaging your main domain via bounces or complaints. 
    • High Open Rates = More Leads.  As we get more opens, we get more engaged readers, thus sending you more qualified leads. 

The Perfect Copy Editing.

Engaging copy is the cornerstone of what turns an email marketing campaign into a successful email marketing campaign. We have a few specific but direct goals with each piece of content we create for our clients.

    • Short, Simple & Easy to understand.  A simple, direct email that is easy to read and understand on the go. Short and simple is the name of the game. 
    • Pain Points.  The perfect copy engages and builds credibility with the reader. We focus on pain points that your target audience may be facing relating to problems your firm helps solve.

    • Strong CTA’s We use a variety of different “call to actions”  in our outbound copy – most with the intent to open the door to a warm conversation and get the relationship started between you & your new lead. 

Hot Leads - Directly To Your Inbox

With all the wheels spinning in the same direction, its predictable lead flow for your company. Predictable leads means predictable ROI for you and your company.

    • Inbox Management.  Our team monitors your pseudo inbox(s) day and night.  As a prospect replies positively, you get the lead forwarded to you in real time for prompt follow up.
    • Real Time Statistics.  We create and share a live “Lead overview” sheet. This serves as a 1 stop 
    • Real leads – In Real Time.  As simple as that. 

A Better Lead Generation Company
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