B2B Lead Generation - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Some of the most commonly asked questions in the B2B Email Marketing Space. The Who What When Where Why and Hows of Email Marketing.

How do you create a successful email marketing campaign? Is it copy, audience, timing, frequency...

I’d start by saying that of course your copy, audience targeting, timing and frequency are all important. It’s like askingwhat part of your car is the most important to get it to drive from point A to B, the steering wheel, tires, or windshield?..”

Spoiler alert: it’s all of them, some more than others of course.

Hubspot has a good article on this here: 9 Critical Components for Optimized Marketing Emails, But, I also broke down the key components in my full answer here on Quora (click to read more).

P.S. For anyone already thrown off by the amount of effort that goes into perfecting an email campaign, we recommend Email Monks, a creative agency that works to understand your company and your target market.

What is the best platform to send cold emails?

What is the best platform to send cold emails?

Reply.io – All around solid platform for cold email, fast support, good pricing.
Quickmail.io – Ease of use is 10/10. Niche features to customize email marketing campaigns.
ActiveCampaign.com No SMPT or email account required, they manage email marketing sends.
Lemlist.com – Use custom images in your outbound email marketing campaigns.
Klenty.com – Low budget entry level email marketing software.


How is email marketing more or less effective than starting a web site?

How is email marketing more or less effective than starting a web site?

Really, they should work hand in hand. They each serve their own purpose to generate quality leads.

If we position this like a neighborhood.. your website is your house. Email marketing, Search Engine Optimization, PPC .. those are all roads customers take to get there.

P.S. For more on Search Engine Optimization as a road to your website, we suggest Lounge Lizard. They have some great content on the creating funnels on their blog here: LoungeLizard – Understanding the Importance of a Marketing Funnel & SEO.

Why send cold b2b email campaigns, or use a b2b email list?

The main point here is understanding the REASON for sending out cold email campaigns. It’s just like any other form of b2b marketing, or b2b lead generation. The goal is to create a conversation, connection, then SALE. It’s a process, not a send>sale. Just as SEO is to get customers to your website, fill the form, create connection, make the sale.. B2B email marketing and using B2B email lists has to be viewed the same way.

What are the qualities of a good B2B lead magnet?

B2B lead magnets – we discuss the importance of having quality content that engages your audience. In b2b emails, b2b landing pages, or anything related to bringing new b2b customers on board, we need quality and relevant content.

Autogrow also has a very interesting article on this. You can view that here.

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