B2B Cold Email Crash Course

Everything you need to know about b2b lead generation.

B2B Data Guy’s Background & Introduction:

With all of the marketing channels available in today’s digital world, many businesses have a tough time trying to decide where they should focus their efforts.

So, where should you be focused on?

If you’re in the b2b world that answer is quite easy, it’s email – specifically cold emails.

For over 15 years now, email marketing has proven to be the best source of producing b2b leads as well as producing the highest ROI compared to other marketing channels (Marketing Charts).

Unfortunately, most businesses still do a poor job at writing their cold email campaigns. Over the past few years the B2B Data Guy (and his awesome team) have reviewed tens of thousands of cold emails, we’ve focused on the differences between successful email campaigns and the losers. We’ve learned why most people sending cold emails aren’t having any success:

Work Smarter, Not Harder. Common Mistakes in B2B Email Marketing Campaigns:

  • Not using personalization, or using it incorrectly.
  • No persistence/quit too soon, having little to no follow up emails.
  • Emails are focused on themselves, not their prospects and how they benefit them.
  • They talk about features, but not the benefits.
  • They don’t work on improving their copywriting.
  • They lack A/B testing and optimizing based on results.

Writing good cold emails doesn’t need to be as tough as some make it out to be. There are templates that you can leverage to your advantage if you’re new to writing cold emails, as well as metrics that can give insight into what is and what isn’t working.

Over the next 6 lessons, I’ll give you a crash course introduction into building a successful cold email campaign. We will look at the best practices for all the separate parts of a cold email campaign, noting what you want to avoid and what is proven to work best.

If you can read & write, you can create endless leads for your business via cold email marketing.

Enjoy the chapters below on B2B lead generation via email marketing and cold data lists. If you have any questions, just ask the B2B Data Guy (and his team)!

The B2B Data Guy’s Email Marketing Walk-through, in 6 easy chapters:

Chapter One

Cold Emails That Generate Business.

The basic & general approach to writing cold emails, content structure, and common mistakes to avoid. A good starting place.

Chapter Two

Subject Lines That Get Opens

Creating subject lines that engage a prospect, and ensure your emails get read by your target market.

Chapter Three

Writing Body Copy & Call’s To Action.

We’ll discuss the importance & methods of creating body copy that builds trust in a cold prospect. We’ll also discover how to create compelling calls to action that actually work!

Chapter Four

Personalizing Your Emails.

We discuss how to use personal tags, to create a unique reader experience. We’ll also evaluate how this impacts the readers.

Chapter Five

Follow Up Emails.. That Work.

We’ll dive into the why’s and how to’s of follow up emails to get even more traction and results from your campaigns.

Chapter Six

Analyze, Optimize, Scale.

Here we wrap up our literature with some best practice methods to scale a campaign, and further increase your marketing ROI.