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Better B2B Leads consistently delivered right to your inbox. We work with B2B companies and position them in front of their Ideal clients and create an informed buyer - who's ready to have a warm dialog about your service(s).

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“So far I could not be more pleased with the results. Within a few days we booked a job with a new client”

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Managed B2B Lead Generation

Proven Results - Proven ROI. Here's How:

Quality Data (email)

Email lists that are accurate, deliverable, and have enough valuable information to target each message with customization that gets replies. Campaigns average 40-50% open rates.

Copy That Engages

Person to person style email copy (not newsletters) that relate to and engage the targeted audience, informs them of your service and opens the door to a warm conversation.

Leads Directly To Your Inbox

As we generate conversation ready leads for you - we'll forward them in real-time. You (or your sales team) will have all the tools needed to turn the warm lead - into a hot customer.

Qualified Leads Directly To Your Inbox

We deliver a consistent flow of engaged leads - ready to talk to you about your service

A Quick Glance at the Numbers 

We're not overly obsessed with the numbers and stats. What matters most is the results of the campaign, and our client's ROI. That being said, we're not shy - have a look at our average sending statistics across our clients.

Email Delivery
Average Open Rate (35-45%)
Average Reply Rate
Bounce Rate
Under 1% Bounce Rate 0.51%
Customer Success Rate

A Proven Practice With Measurable Results & Predictable ROI

With Better B2B Leads, B2B Lead Generation is no longer a guessing game. We have a very defined process to: - Identify your best customers and create an Ideal Customer Profile - Curate accurate lead lists based on your ideal customers - Write engaging copy that attracts, informs, engages your audience, all while soliciting a positive reply
- Send you qualified leads in real-time.


Who do the emails come from?

Our process enables us to send emails from "pseudo" addresses that appear to be from you, or your sales team. The prospects we reach out to never know that we (a marketing company) are involved!

How much commitment?

We use month-to-month agreements with our clients. We don't lock you into any long term agreements. Our clients typically stick around for over 9 months, and our average retention rate month over is 95%.

How do you know the leads are qualified

We target our campaign specifically based on several conversations between your team and ours. We're hitting the right people with the right message. A decision-maker will not reply to one of your outbound messages without significant interest in your product/service.

Who handles everything?

We do! Our team of experts is here to fully manage this campaign. From warming up domains, writing email copy, monitoring the inbox's for warm leads, to sending your team sales-ready leads.. your campaign is in our hands!

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